Halong bay weather

The climate of the bay is tropical, wet, sea islands, with two seasons: hot and moist summer, and, dry and cold winter. The temperature is from 15°C- 25°C (59ºF – 77ºF), and the rainfall is between 2,000 mm and 2,200 mm. Ha Long Bay has the typical diurnal tide system (tide amplitude ranges from 3.5-4m). The sanilityis from 31 to 34.5MT in the dry season and lower in the rainy season.

Best time to visit Halong
Best time to go to Ha Long Bay is all year round except winter as it is quite cold in the winter especially for swimming and the sky is not so clear for a good view of the bay. That means you can go there from April to October. Vietnamese often go there from May to August as this is the hot summer in Northern Vietnam and going to the beach side becomes such a nice experience.

When visiting Halong bay

When visiting Halong bay

However take a look at weather forecast is advisable because if it’s going to rain or worse a storm could spoil your visit there.

How to wear in Halong

When you kayaking: Paddle, life-jacket and dry bag are available. We recommend you to bring some extra gears such as Sun block, hat, anti-insect repellent, sunglasses, rain coat. The kayak tour with well-trained and experienced tour guide is always recommended for a best exploration.

When you getting into the caves and grottoes: Caves and grottoes are dry so wear what you are comfortable in. You will have to to take a short hike up steps to reach the caves so it is better if you wear comfortable walking shoes.

Last but not least, you should remember to wear clothes suites the weather. The cold season in Halong Bay is from October to April and the temperature is 10°C- 15°C (50ºF – 59ºF). The hot season is from May to September with the temperature is 25°C- 35°C (77ºF – 95ºF). And remember to wear particularly conservative clothing if you visit a culturally sensitive area such as a temple or pagoda – generally, the less bare skin the better and specifically, no shorts, dresses, skirts or tops with low neck lines and bare shoulders