Squid Fishing Halong Bay

Squid fishing on Halong at night is an interesting activity at which tourists can experience the feeling of being a fisherman. Tourists will have the instruction from local fishermen about how to fish a squid in the sea.
Night Squid fishing is the most interesting activity and wonderful pleasure of the night journey on Halong Bay. Tourists are provided with fishing rods and racquets so that they can actively use them to catch squids. Tourists must be excited to clearly see light-drunken shoals of squids lazily hovering around; and, step by step each squid is enticed and picked up, remaining totally fresh and striving convulsively. Especially, during the squid season, it would be common to see large shoals of squids surrounding the cruiser and each tourist may catch an average of 30 squids for each squid fishing night.

The squids caught will be used to make dishes for tourists. This is also an ideal time to gaze Halong bay by night. The sea water surface is sparkling with reflected light from cruises anchored on the bay. Foreign tourists are extremely fond of boiled whole squids because when eating, they can enjoy the interesting feeling of ink line breaking out pitch-black in the mouth, splashing all over the face and taking pictures. The tourists eat while singing Karaoke and dancing. In alcohol yeast, everyone becomes enthusiasm and excited singers and dancers